Thursday, November 8, 2012

Protecting against cyberterrorism

Protecting against cyberterrorism

November 1, 2012, 7:24 pm
) - The gravest threat to businesses and governments these days may not be recessions, hurricanes or wars - it may be cyberterrorism.

The latest example comes from Aramco, the Saudi Arabian oil company, which was hit by a sophisticated virus a few months ago, making it one of the most destructive attacks ever on a single company.

Three-quarters of their hard drives were erased, and replaced with a burning American flag.

The virus was believed to be the work of Iran.

What's more it that it was, according to the New York Times, retaliation for viruses the U.S. and Israel have aimed at Iranian computer systems in the past few years.

Aramco may have been more vulnerable because of the way it handled its administrative and privileged computer accounts and passwords.

Joining NECN to take a closer look at this threat and what you can do to better protect your company is Udi Mokady, president and CEO of the Newton, Mass.-based cyber security company, Cyber Ark Software.

Watch the attached video for the complete interview.

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