Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tips for National Cyber Security Awareness Month
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October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, which means that this is the ideal time for your enterprise to: discover new best practices, educate your employees, enhance your network security technology, and focus on keeping your enterprise safe and successful.
To help you achieve these essential goals, we’re pleased to provide you with a new cyber security tip each day in October. You’ll find them added here on our blog and on our social media feeds. Be sure to check in daily, and share your best tips with us via Twitter @Seculert (use hashtag #NCSAM).

1. Train employees not to click on every link in their emails. Spear phishing attacks are on the increase
2. It isn’t enough to keep your IT infrastructure up-to-date, the challenge is to manage this process properly.
3. Maximize firewall effectiveness by: activating web filtering, scanning logs and customizing settings. Here are some techniques.
4. Create a Cyber Security Plan that also addresses Detection and not just Prevention.
5. Don’t open email attachments from unknown sources.
6. Enable the encryption features on your smartphone. Here’s how.
7. Ensure that employees use unique strong passwords & change them every 3 months.
8. Set the Java security level to “High” or “Very High” or disable it altogether if you can. Article on Java related vulnerabilities.
9. Ensure that Wi-Fi networks are secure, encrypted and hidden + password protect router access.
10. Audit the open ports on your network regularly and block unused ones.
11. Enable automatic updates on installed apps to ensure you receive important security updates when they are released.
12. Use a Sandbox that mimics a device’s natural activity, ie keyboard inputs & mouse movements, to analyze malware.
13. Use full disk encryption on laptops as a best practice.



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