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Encryption Technology: A Growing Need at Midsize Firms

Encryption Technology: A Growing Need at Midsize Firms

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A new encryption technology that protects data being moved between data centers aims to add a new level of security. This latest news is an example of the need for cryptographic technologies to protect corporate data. IT professionals at midsize firms who are considering various security measures can benefit from these latest advancements as they consider their own security needs when working with trusted IT consultants and vendors.
New Options
According to a recent article at Information Management, ID Quantique's new offering can encrypt data by tapping fiber optic networks and bending the fiber to collect data. That data is then secured as it passes from one data center to another. The article points out that many types of firms can benefit from the solution; for example, banks running multiple data centers can enjoy a stronger line of defense against hackers and cybercriminals who target fiber optic networks.
Cryptography for Midsize Firms
Cryptography and encryption technologies are key to helping firms of all sizes protect their data from being hacked. Whether that data is flowing across the Internet or fiber optic networks, these new technologies can prevent cybercriminals from reading corporate data even if they have gained access to a target network. Encryption also enables firms to securely protect classified information and personal information against identity theft, and cryptography solutions can provide additional authentication, repudiation, confidentiality and integrity controls.
IT professionals at midsize firms are tasked with protecting company data by enforcing security policies and incorporating the smartest data security solutions to keep data out of harm's way. The consumerization of IT, the bring-your-own-device movement and third-platform technologies such as cloud computing and virtualization have all caused IT managers to think about how they can best secure their data, and as a result, encryption has come to the forefront as a viable solution. A midsize firm may be striving to protect customer financial information or intellectual property from digital piracy while a smaller firm may want to secure remote user connections on its network. For both of them, encryption solutions may be the best options.
Due to their limited resources, time and expertise in the latest offerings in the market, many midsize IT professionals seek the guidance of experienced security vendors to help them encrypt their data in the most effective ways. Various algorithms are used for encryption, including hashing, private key and public key. Understanding how these algorithms work and the concepts behind cryptography-based security is essential to choosing the right solution for a particular organization's information infrastructure.
Protecting Resources
Data sent between data centers and over the Internet has a higher chance of getting hacked if the proper encryption technology solutions are not in place. IT professionals at midsize firms that combine strong encryption with other security measures can help to prevent possible hacks and breaches that can shut down productivity and hurt the firm's bottom line.
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