Sunday, July 14, 2013

Greatest threats

Regulatory pressure is seen as the issue posing the greatest threat to respondents.
In the wake of the deluge comes the reckoning. It was almost inevitable that, after the business excesses in the years leading up to the financial crisis, governments around the world would tighten the regulatory framework of global capitalism.

New financial regulation is in the forefront of this trend, but the financial services industry is not the only sector feeling the heat. Healthcare, manufacturing, technology, energy and other industries face many new government rules.

In the survey, we asked which issue posed the greatest risk to the respondent’s industry. Regulatory pressure came top in Financial Services, Energy and Natural Resources, and in the “other industries” category (covering such sectors as Consumer Goods, Construction and Chemicals). “Government pressure to contain spending”, a regulatory issue, was the top risk in healthcare. Nor was there a significant difference among regions. Regulatory pressure was regarded as almost as big a threat for most industries in Asia-Pacific, as it was for those in Europe and North America.

Greatest threats

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