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Top 10 information security blogs 'By 'Dejan Kosutic on May 07, 2012'

'By 'Dejan Kosutic on May 07, 2012

There is a huge amount of information about information security on the Internet, so it is really difficult to stay informed about really relevant stuff. This is why I made this list – I wanted to offer a list of independent, expertly written and up-to-date blogs that will keep you right on track.
The blogs are listed alphabetically:
Information Security Blog by Anton Chuvakin
Security topics including SIEM, log management, compliance, vulnerability management and cloud security.
IT Security Blog by Mark Brooks
This blog focuses on strategies and information security programs that protect high value information assets such as intellectual property, trade secrets, and privacy data.
Krebs on Security by Brian Krebs
This blog features posts on a number of recurring themes, including online crime investigations, latest threats, security updates, data breaches, and cyber justice.
Lenny Zeltser on Information Security
Presents a unique perspective on information security, based on  the author’s broad experience in IT, business and malware combat. The blog presents several infosec topics, including incident response, malicious software and risk management.
Mind Streams of Information Security Knowledge by Dancho Danchev
This blog covers trends and fads, tactics and strategies, intersecting with third-party research, speculations and real-time CYBERINT assessments, all packed with sarcastic attitude. The blog offers access to timely, insightful and independent open-source intelligence (OSINT) analyses for maintaining the necessary situational awareness to stay on top of emerging security threats.
Network Security Blog by Martin McKeay
Views on security, privacy and anything else that catches author’s attention.
Privacy and Information Security Law Blog
This blog covers important aspects of information security rarely covered in other blogs – privacy and information security law updates and analysis.
Schneier on Security by Bruce Schneier
A blog covering security and security technology – the author explains, debunks, and draws lessons from security stories that make the news.
Security Affairs by Pierluigi Paganini
This daily updated blog is focused on all the areas in the security sphere. Its target is to make security a theme accessible to professionals and laymen alike, with an objective judgment on the main security events with specific attention to the subjects of cyber warfare, cyber crime and hacking.
TaoSecurity by Richard Bejtlich
TaoSecurity blog is one of the original security blogs – it will soon be ten years old. It focuses on incident detection and response for targeted threats, with emphasis on Chinese intruders.
And by the way, Security Bloggers Network offers links to over 100 various information security blogs.

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